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Molly Cooper – Nothing Relaxes More Than Sex

The predicament Molly Cooper finds herself in while her mother is out of the house and her stepfather Filthy Rich struggles to fall asleep. Rich is scared after seeing a scary slasher movie, but she simply wants to doom scroll on her phone. Rich jumps into bed with Molly when she tells him he may stay, but not before getting undressed. When Molly’s stepfather begs her to cuddle with him, she doesn’t aware he’s completely nude. Beneath the cover, she can’t help but feel his large, firm cock. Rich tries to talk her out of her initial shock by telling her that having sex right before bed is the finest way to unwind. The enormous dick of Molly’s stepdad is calling to her even though she’s not sure. She licks her stepfather’s fat as she leans in.

Pornstar: Molly Cooper