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Hayley Davies – My Stepsis Is A Size Queen

Speaking with a buddy, Hayley Davies discusses her date from last night. And while she tells her friend that the guy’s dick wasn’t even seven inches long, her stepbrother Ethan Seeks overhears her! What a size queen Ethan’s stepsister is! Running to his room, Ethan gets a measuring tape. He is not seven inches tall. Hew! However, Hayley was pleased when she caught a brief sight of her stepbrother measuring up! Things quickly get strange when Ethan discovers her checking his measuring tape twice. Now she wants to examine his dick for herself! Since Ethan isn’t too tough yet, his stepsister spits on and jerks his dick, but it doesn’t work—she needs to suck it! When he’s solid, Ethan emerges at an astounding 8 inches! His stepsister is even more turned on now, she wants to feel it inside of her! Hayley slides her stepbrother’s big cock inside of her and bounces on it with her elite level ass !

Pornstar: Hayley Davies